Let’s face it: many students quite simply don’t absorb what their parents or guardians advise. But, for whatever reason, when a stranger tells your child something, they start listening. Exchange the “stranger” for an educational professional and we have the makings of a great academic coaching relationship!



What students do at home is just as important as what they do during tutoring. Some students need an Academic Coach whose sole responsibility is to help develop a study plan and motivate the student to achieve goals in an organized, methodical fashion. Academic Coaches help students set a goal and tackle that goal with intention! Yes!


What happens in the session?

Academic Coaches help students with the following:

  • Checking grades, reviewing missing assignments or tests, and helping with make-up work

  • Coaching students on how to communicate with teachers in order to maximize outcomes

  • Developing a calendar for students to manage their busy co-curricular schedules and homework/study time

  • Providing valuable tips and tricks on how to study for a test or prepare for a project/research paper



Any students who are not performing at their potential could benefit from an academic coach. Students who need heavy grade rehabilitation (i.e. who are failing) are not the only ones who need coaching. A 3.8 GPA student might need coaching because he or she is capable of achieving a 4.3, but does not know how to prioritize or develop an effective academic plan.