To be frank, I loved working with MeriEducation. During the summer I had regularly scheduled practice tests every weekend and would often arrange tutoring sessions to review the problems I struggled with. The atmosphere at MeriEducation is so comfortable and supportive that seeking the help of their instructors never felt intimidating. I was encouraged by all the instructors and found them extremely helpful when quickly grading my score reports, turning them over the next day, and helping me schedule tutoring or more practice tests.


This week’s student spotlight features Lauren B. of MeriPasadena! She is currently a senior at Westridge School and was recently selected as a Princess on the Royal Court for the Tournament of Roses. Try to spot her when you watch the world famous Rose Parade this upcoming New Year's Day!

Lauren first attended MeriEducation this summer for ACT prep and, with only 8 weeks of tutoring, ended up scoring a 32 on her official test! Despite only dedicating 2 months to tutoring, she made sure to take hundreds of practice tests and review independently.

Not only is she an ACT champ, she’s basically a freakin’ champ in everything she does. Lauren is a 3.8 GPA student and displays natural leadership and a true passion for community outreach.

She is the founder and head of her own club, Every Body Affinity, to promote body positivity and self-love on campus. As a voracious reader and writer, Lauren serves as the head of the Book Club and volunteers for numerous reading programs at schools and libraries in her local community. In her free time, she writes poetry as a way to express her emotions. In case that isn’t enough, Lauren is also the ASB Secretary and plays for Westridge’s Varsity Volleyball and Basketball team. Sports has been a huge part of her life growing up (she’s played basketball since she was 8 years old!).

Given her accomplishments, it’s no surprise that Lauren was selected out of 44 competing finalists for the honor of serving as Princess for the Tournament of Roses Association.

My tip for current students for SAT/ACT Test Prep would be to start early. I didn’t start studying for the ACT until the summer before my senior year, which definitely shortened the window I had to study and the amount of official tests I would be able to take before college applications were due. I also advise other students to dedicate the time and energy to studying for the ACT. Taking practice tests each weekend, in addition to studying for about 45 minutes per day, was what ultimately lead to my success on the actual test. I worked very hard to bump up my test score and was determined to achieve a 32. After taking as many tests as I took, I was no longer afraid of the test and I was truly prepared for all possible questions. The official test felt just like another practice test since I wasn’t stressed out or panicked.
As a member of the Royal Court, we make over 120 public appearances over the course of a few months. The work that we will be doing on the Royal Court is all about fostering community service and outreach, spreading volunteerism, serving as role models, and inspiring hope. It is a role filled with huge responsibility and the obligation to represent not only the Tournament of Roses, but my school, family, and community with poise, composure, and compassion.


She is currently finishing up her college applications and plans to study biology, linguistics, and Latin. Her dream college is Duke University! In addition to committing to ACT prep this summer, she also completed a medical internship that allowed her to shadow a doctor and helped confirm her dreams of pursuing a medical degree on the way to becoming an OBGYN.


When I was little my grandfather nicknamed me “Busy bee” and ever since then I’ve truly lived up to that reputation. I always felt like I was never doing enough and have consistently sought to take on new challenges and new activities.  Personally, I do best when I have a goal in mind to strive for because I am able to focus all my efforts and work as hard as I can for something I want. I have never taken the easy way—instead, I enroll in rigorous courses and constantly set new goals for myself. I am intrigued by the world around me and am eager to try everything that I can. For me it was never about finding the time to do it all, it was about keeping myself interested and doing what I love.