I would say making the learning experience fun really helped me because I actually enjoyed going to the center for tutoring! Make sure you start early to give yourself time to prepare and never box yourself in with low standards. Set a goal and continue to strive for a better goal after it is achieved.


This week’s student spotlight features Joe I. of MeriNewport. Joe is currently a senior at Mater Dei High School and working on his college applications with us. Joe first came to MeriEducation his junior year for one-on-one ACT Prep. He started off with a 24 and after 6 months of dedication, Joe ended up scoring a 30!

Joe found MeriEducation’s one-on-one tutoring to be more effective for him compared to group tutoring. With individual attention from his tutors, he was able to address his biggest struggles right off the bat.

Joe’s original goal was to reach a 28, but he ended up scoring 2 points higher! It is important for students to realize that progress is not always continuous and score stagnation is not uncommon. It took a couple months of consistent tutoring and taking practice tests before Joe was able to see significant results.

In addition to being a test prep champ, Joe also played for his school water polo team! This meant he had to MAKE TIME between his rigorous practice schedule and tutoring schedule. He also dedicated a lot of his free time to volunteering with kids with special needs! Regardless of his games or other commitments, Joe never used an excuse to skip tutoring and showed up every week. Despite his demanding extracurriculars, Joe maintained a 4.3 GPA due to his drive to strive for the best!

Joe’s main passions are art and film. He loves to express himself through art and aspires to get into film school next year!



He drew this portrait of Ryan Gosling!

I see a lot of kids procrastinating, so whatever it is, start early and keep your options open. If you commit to something, think about if it’s something you’d want to continue in ‘college and beyond.’ For example, stick with sports only if you really want to play in college.

I think it’s equally important to make time for fun and leisure. Remember not to stress about the little things that really won’t matter when you look back.