In this week’s student spotlight, we are featuring Bill M. of MeriRiverside! He is currently a junior at Riverside STEM Academy and is already the CEO and CTO of his own company, AppWiz.

Bill first attended MeriEducation in the spring of his sophomore year to get a head start on his SAT prep. He took his first official SAT test this summer and increased his score by 200 points! After taking his first official test, Bill wanted to challenge himself to reach an even higher goal score and feels more confident about tackling the big exam this December. 

MeriEducation is one of the most engaging tutoring experiences I have ever had. Everyone is super friendly, and the tutors are dedicated to helping you receive the best score possible. I enjoy my tutor sessions at MeriEducation because not only am I preparing myself for exams, but I am also having fun, and I think that’s important.


“My biggest tip for current students when it comes to SAT/ACT Test Prep is to take as many practice tests as you can. I have taken 14 College Board SAT practice tests, and I am meeting my score goal on those. Another tip I have is to really look back at the mistakes you make on those practice tests. Personally, I keep a notebook of every question I got wrong for every practice test I’ve taken. I write out why my answer is wrong and why the correct answer is right, and that strategy has really helped me on both the practice tests and the real exam.”



By the age of 12, Bill discovered his passion for computer programing and taught himself how to program by learning different programming languages and softwares. Since then, he has dedicated most of his time to learning about app development and started creating his own apps. Recently, Bill developed an app, RiversideSTEM, for his school that allows parents to easily access the school newsletters, calendar, grade portal, etc., and even to receive important notifications that are sent out by the school administration. After receiving positive feedback from the RiversideSTEM app, he was inspired to make an impact beyond his school campus.

After exploring the idea of making apps for other schools and educational organizations, Bill decided to turn his hobby into a business. AppWiz is a freelance mobile app development business that creates affordable apps for schools and doctors in the Inland Empire. Every week, he meets with Joan for venture coaching to combine his STEM skills with business models and turn his vision into reality! Bill is currently working with his own clients and developing practical apps for their needs. As AppWiz continues to grow, Bill plans to expand his app development services to more business types!

Joan [MeriEducation’s founder] is basically my guide for How to be an Entrepreneur. She explains to me the different elements my business needs, how to best conduct business with clients, and how my business should develop. She’s been a fantastic help for me, and I look forward to working with her in the future.


Being a full-time student and building a business is certainly time consuming. In his free time, if he is not studying, Bill loves to be outdoors and take a healthy mental break. He especially enjoys golfing and camping! 

As much as I love working with technology, I expose myself to quite a bit of it and taking a break and going out in nature is really relaxing.