I strongly feel that getting a head start is advantageous, especially when it comes to studying for standardized tests. Practice has much to do with achieving a high score. The earlier you begin test prep, the more practice you can accumulate over time.


Meet Kate S., of MeriRiverside! Kate is a 2018 graduate of Riverside Polytechnic High School and was the class salutatorian with a 4.71 GPA. What makes Kate stand out is her dedication to meaningful activities and careful planning for her future.

Kate first attended MeriEducation in the summer of her junior year for our College Apps Workshops and SAT Prep. She actually had already started prepping for the SAT on her own when she was a freshman!

After taking her first SAT, Kate reached a score of 1470! She attributes her success to a combination of relentless studying and a persistent mindset.

Kate is driven by her desire to find purpose and benefits in everything she does to motivate herself and help manage additional commitments. As a writer and editor for her school newspaper, The Poly Spotlight, she developed leadership skills by managing a completely student-run online newspaper.

To act on her desire to give back to the community, she was an active member of the Poly National Honors Society and was also the founder and president of Poly’s UNICEF club. Being a part of the Poly Girls’ tennis team taught her the value of self-discipline and teamwork. The most meaningful commitment for Kate was music. She played the violin for the UCR Orchestra and was also a contributing member of the Poly Muse Club, a group of Poly student musicians who play music for school board meetings and community events.

Kate attended UCI’s Summer Pre-Med Program, a two-week healthcare internship, where she was exposed to various professions in the medical field, learned how to diagnose patients, and studied the anatomy of the human body. She also volunteered as a Conversation and American Culture Peer Mentor to Foreign Students at UCR and helped expose them to the American culture and improve their English.

Test prep isn’t easy; it takes a lot of diligence and determination to push yourself to study whenever you can. Studying and practice has much to do with succeeding on standardized tests, but it is also your will to succeed that is just as important. Surround yourself with people who understand the value of hard work, so you can develop a supportive group of mentors and friends (including MeriEducation) to help you along the way. Above all, just believing in yourself ensures you are one step closer to success.
Dedicate your time and energy to activities you are truly passionate about. You don’t need to do everything to develop a strong application. Know your limits as well and know how much coursework you can handle before signing up for multiple advanced classes