Kelsey K.

Director of Newport Beach

Elite Level Coach & Instructor



My name is Kelsey Karambellas! I am the Director at MeriNewport! I grew up moving every 3 years around the world as my father was in the military. I attended Florida Atlantic University where I obtained my Bachelor’s Degree in Health Administration. I have always loved helping others, and that is what I am able to do here at MeriEducation. Being in the educational field gives me the opportunity to help students see their full potential in life. Malcolm X said, “Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.” In my spare time, I go on adventures with my husband and two furry children, Fender and Gibson. I love to go on fun bike rides around town, dance my heart out in Zumba, eating food, and spending time with my friends and family!



  • Lower & Middle Level ISEE English, Reading, Verbal

  • Lower & Middle Level ISEE Math

  • Elite Level Academic and Test Prep Coach



“JJ loves the effort that his instructor puts in to help him. JJ likes that his instructor understands what he is trying to say, even though he doesn’t always say it clearly.Merieducation has made things clearer so he’s become really good at subjects now that he wasn’t before.” — Wendy Barton, a Harbor Day Parent.

“I really like that I am able to get my homework done at MeriEducation. When working with my instructor, I keep focused and MeriEducation has helped me get better grades and staying on top of my work.”